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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Rundown of my classes...

WRIT 340 - Advanced Writing for Business
I thought it would be smart to take a business writing class, because you never know when you may have to write a memo or report. Turns out business writing is the equivalent of 4th-Grade writing. For instance, instead of using the word "assist," I have to use the word "help." This totally goes against my brain's thinking process, which means this class may be difficult ... errr, I mean "hard," which is a less difficult word than "difficult."

CTCS 473 - Film Theories
Gonna be a bitch. Interesting topics, but the amount of reading assigned is ridiculous, and the concepts are sophisticated. And the professor has purple hands. Literally.

CTCS 469 - Japanese Anime
This is my "fun" class, and so far it has been quite enjoyable. I love anime... it's such a beautiful style of animation, and it deals with so many intriguing themes that American animation would never touch. Like today we watched an anime film with lesbianism. And then the protagonist transformed into a car.

CTCS 464 - Screening the Past
Should be a challenging but enjoyable class. It's about historical films, and how films choose to represent the past. The professor reminds me of Ms. Merrill, and for those of you who know Mollee, then you know that is a very good thing.


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