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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Sleepless on a Christmas Eve

It's technically already Christmas, but I never sleep well on Christmas Eve. There's still a part of that little boy in me that looks forward to waking up, opening presents, and having Christmas breakfast, although I now wake up at 9AM instead of 6AM. It's also interesting to notice how, as you get older, you appreciate giving gifts more than receiving them.

Both the brothers (and the wives) are home, bringing our family total to a new high - 8 (including Molly the Cat). It's fun to see everyone under one roof.

Oh, and my 21st Birthday Party was a success - at least I haven't heard otherwise. Yet, I still haven't been carded for alcohol, and I've tried three times already. Do I really look that old? I don't think so.

And now I will try to get some sleep, though that probably won't happen. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, especially in Sunny California (it was 78 today without a cloud in sight).


Blogger nicky said...

three years later sleepless here too

7:30 AM  

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