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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Exciting... If only for me

If all goes according to plan -- that is, if I watch the final two Netflix movies I have here -- my Top 10 Films of 2005 list will go up late tonight.

I've never been quite so happy with a Top 10 list as I am with this one... perhaps it's because each year I see more and more of those foreign and indie flicks I used to miss in previous years. But it's also because 2005 was an awesome year for movies, despite what the pessimists and box-office analysts might say. There were so many great films, I feel like I may do a Top 20 instead.

I get to write the Top 10 article for the Daily Trojan as well, so that will be fun (especially because most DT readers will have never heard of 7 or 8 of these films). But that's what Top 10 lists are all about... getting people to see those movies that may have missed. Or to just feed a critic's ego. Either way, I'm looking forward to finalizing mine.


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