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Monday, November 14, 2005

Almost an Update


I'm really tired and am going to hit the sack soon, but quick update.

I was gone in Boston this weekend for my eldest brother's wedding... it was fun, sweet, and all around wonderful. The wedding itself was lovely, and the dinners/parties afterwards were entertaining. And I got to briefly meet up with Papay and Grizzle... it was good to see them. We went to the last quarter of the Harvard football game, and I think there was as much excitement at that entire game as there is for the USC Song Girls.

Last week, Steven Spielberg came to class and answered questions for 2 hours. I asked one, and he answered it, which was cool. The guy is really humble and genuinely enjoyed being there. At the end, he left in a cloud of digital smoke provided by ILM.

And way too many movies are coming out... still need to see Jarhead, Squid and the Whale... Pride & Prejudice is supposed to be great... and we got Harry Potter 4 and Walk the Line coming out this weekend... oh boy, when will I see all these?

To bed. Till we meet again.


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