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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Much to Talk About

Much has happened lately, although I'll try to keep this short since I got some work to do.

1) The New Pornographers concert was great. Went with Maggie, and she claims to have had a good time (hope she's telling the truth). But how could she not? Good music always equal a good time, and they even did a double encore, which is twice as good as a regular encore, but not as good as a supreme encore (which I have yet to experience, although one day I will, and my life will then be complete).

2) Screened Film #2 last Thurs. It's called "Playing God" and was about how God approaches his daily duty of controlling the cosmos. My class seemed to really enjoy it, which was a great relief. Now onto Film #3, and I have no ideas whatsoever...

3) The Los Angeles Angels of California, Orange County, and Anaheim have made it to the postseason... and they face the Yankees first. Personally, I wouldn't want it any other way. The Yankees are the team I despise the most because they are evil incarnate. They represent a team with a skyrocketing payroll, where each player is an All-Star with an ego (save for Jeter) and a boss who completely ignores the salary cap tax. George Steinbrenner essentially thinks "Fuck all the other teams, fuck the idea of fair baseball, I'm going to spend $206 million on this team." The next highest payroll is the Red Sox, with $121 million. It's fucking ridiculous that there's a $85 million gap between the 1st and 2nd most expensive teams. With $206 million I could buy the Royals, Devil Rays, Pirates, Brewers, and Indians, and still have $10 million left over.

By the way, the Angels are at $95 million. Yes, they have a pretty big wallet, so this isn't quite David vs. Goliath. But it is good vs. evil, West Coast vs. East Coast, team chemistry and small baseball vs. Egocentric players and big baseball. And it's going to be exciting.


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