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Monday, January 07, 2008

Critics Choice Awards

With the news today that the Golden Globes are canceled, tonight's Critics' Choice Awards became the only significant award show before the Oscars. The show almost felt like it was taking the place of the Globes - circle dining tables, a looser tone, occasional awkwardness.

The host, who I honestly have never heard of before and still can't remember his name, was fairly bad -- every joke was racial in nature. And he committed one giant mistake -- when describing the film, "Into the Wild," he said that the main character went to Africa. My dear host, although they both start with the letter "A," Africa and Alaska are very different places.

But, at least the show was only two hours, and for the most part the winners were all deserving. I was a little disturbed by all the love for "Hairspray," which is a fun movie, but really, Best Ensemble?

The highlight of the show was undoubtedly Daniel Day-Lewis' speech after winning Best Actor. It ran long, but it didn't matter because Day-Lewis thanked his fellow nominees and the acting community as a whole in an eloquently endearing fashion. If there was any doubt, Day-Lewis just clinched his Oscar.

And hooray for Julie Christie! She better start showing up to these things, though. If there's anything that voters can't stand, it's winners who are no-shows.

The show doesn't really change the race much, other than cementing Day-Lewis' and Christie's front-runner status. "No Country for Old Men" winning Best Picture was no surprise. The only question now is can it ride it all the way to the Oscars. It has the best shot, but I don't know. I'm smelling upset, perhaps from "Juno" and, if it's nominated, "There Will Be Blood."

Tomorrow's DGA nominations mean quite a bit. Go PTA!


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