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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Sorry for the lack of updates, but between the holiday, visiting family, vacationing in Del Mar, and being sick with a cold, I haven't really had the time or energy to post anything of significance.

I'm chugging away seeing as many of this year's films as I can. I still got a handful or so more to watch, and there's a couple of films I feel deserve a second viewing.

I usually get my Top 10 of the Year list up by the first week of January, but I may hold off until mid-January this time. One reason for this is because I'm dying to see "Syndromes and a Century," a film I missed in theaters that is coming out on DVD on Jan. 15. But maybe I'll post a pre-Syndromes list before then. Who knows... I'm just thinking out loud here.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and is enjoying their break. I'm looking forward to a Trojans victory on Jan. 1. Booyah!

P.S. - I'm typing this on my mom's iBook, which is the most evil machine ever made. Sooner or later the Rainbow Wheel of Death will rear its ugly head. How I long to be back on my wonderful Dell desktop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My comments are up on There Will Be Blood. Unfortunately, I got home so late that I wasn't able to make it to see Diving Bell this afternoon because I was so tired. Oh well. I may do like you and drop my list late . . . maybe in the middle of the month.

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