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Sunday, March 05, 2006


Why do I get so worked up each year for the Oscars, only to be let down? I'll say this again and again: the Academy generally does an awesome job with the nominations, and then fucks it up with the actual winners.

Crash winning Best Picture can be attributed to one unfortunate reality... homophobia. Sorry, but it's true. Brokeback Mountain was in a position very few films have ever been in - it won the Globe, the Producers Guild, the Writers Guild, the Directors Guild, was the most critically acclaimed film of the year, and made the most money among the Best Pic nominees. No film has ever been in such a good position... only to then lose the Oscar.

Quite simply, there are still people out there who are scared to embrace a film dealing with homosexuality. And that's a shame.

As for my predictions, I was 16/21.


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