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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oscars Commentary

While the nominations were definitely not that surprising, the Academy has still picked a stellar crop of films.

The 5 films nominated for Best Picture are each wonderful; in fact, this is the best Best Picture line-up in years.

Also unique is how "small" the nominees are. The box-office totals for the Best Pic nominees are:

Brokeback Mountain - $52m
Capote - $15m
Crash - $53m
Good Night, and Good Luck - $25m
Munich - $41m

Usually the Academy feels it has to nominate at least one blockbuster, but this year they went for quality over money. Hopefully these nominations will convince more people to see these pictures. Brokeback's box-office will surely soar... it'll cross $100m before it's done. Munich will also see a significant boost.

And isn't that what the Oscars should be all about?


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