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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Synecdoche Split

Oh, I am looking forward to the critical mayhem that will be unleashed when the majority of the "Synecdoche, New York" reviews come out tomorrow and Friday.

Already, one critic calls it "the best American film of 2008" (MSNBC's Alonso Duralde) and another says "No matter how bad you think the worst movie ever made ever was, you have not seen Synecdoche, New York" (New York Observer's Rex Reed).

I personally think Rex Reed is an idiotic fool. "Synecdoche" is a wildly ambitious, incredibly thoughtful, frequently hilarious, and ultimately poignant film. It's a success through and through, and its inherent messiness only makes me love it more.

But, the thing is, I can completely understand how someone could hate the film. And be prepared: many, many, many people are going to hate this film. Maybe even you. Actually, probably even you. Probably most people who see it. I don't know.

I may think my opinion is right, but I can't say your opinion is wrong. But "Synecdoche" is destined to become a great way to quickly judge another person's personality. If you become interested in someone who happens to disagree with you on this movie, run away from them as quickly as you can -- it's simply not meant to be.

So, march on, "Synecdoche." Let chaos continue its happy dance.


Blogger Conor said...

Well I can certainly tell you that over the past 5 months my appreciation and enjoyment of this movie has only grown. I can only hope this is the case for those out there who don't see the movie in the same way we do.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Whitney L. said...

I saw it tonight, and was just mesmerized. I just really can't describe my feelings about it, but I think a profound sadness can sum it up. It's very peculiar, and reminds me of an almost Alice in Wonderland setting. Nothing is what it seems and we see before us what the protagonist sees, how he interprets the world around him, and it's bizarre while poignant.

2:49 AM  

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