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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Facebook Drama

This is amazing. Flat out amazing.

The controversy over Facebook's brand-new "News Feed" and "Mini-Feed" features is an internet watershed.

Go to this Facebook group - Students against Facebook News Feed (Official Petition to Facebook). Look at the number of members. Then refresh the page and look at the number of members again.

For instance:

At 6:44:15 PST today - 420,227 members.
At 6:44:45 PST today - 420,558 members.

In a span of 30 seconds, 331 people joined the group.

In internet history (or even real history), has there ever been a group that has grown this quickly before?

On the Wikipedia page for Facebook, there's already an elaborate explanation of Facebook's changes and the enormous negative response. Time Magazine already has an article on the phenomenon. Keep in mind that these Facebook changes were implemented just yesterday.

I think this may represent a defining technological moment. Yes, the Facebook changes are silly and way too stalkerish, but to have this large of a response occur so quickly is mind-boggling.


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