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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pirates' Booty

I'm down in beautiful Del Mar... just going to post a quick reflection on Pirates of the Caribbean's $55 million gross on Friday, which is the highest of all time. This puts Pirates on track for anywhere from $125 to $145 million for the weekend, which will destroy Spider-Man's previous weekend record.

And yet, one can't help but feel that the wrong film is breaking these records. Dead Man's Chest pales in comparison to its predecessor; in fact, it's a cheap replica of it. The first movie was unaware of how clever it was; its sequel is all too aware that the first movie was a surprise hit, and therefore, it decides to simply retell all the same jokes. Furthermore, it puts forth what has to be the most convoluted pirate storyline ever.

But it's big and loud - and America has responded with their wallets. I'm not saying moviegoers are to blame; after all, I paid money to go see it too. I just wish a better movie was coming out on top.


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