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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


In the world of art, good things seem to happen in bunches. For instance, an avalanche of Oscar-hopeful films will be crammed into the month of December. But for music, it's a bit more unpredictable. Yet, when you're in a good span, you know it, and right now is such a period. Having just discovered the wonder that is Asobi Seksu, as well as the rockin' new dance album by Matthew Herbert, I am almost not ready for Beirut's debut album, Gulag Orkestar. It's an indie album, for sure, but one infused with Eastern European instruments and one of the most beautiful new voices in a long time. And then I learn that this voice belongs to Zach Condon, a 19-year-old kid from Albuquerque. Here I am, 21 years spent, in complete awe of a teenager who has accomplished something beyond what many adult musicians dream of accomplishing. It makes me feel small and talentless, but that won't make me enjoy Gulag Orkestar any less.

Sample Song: click here


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