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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Recommended Music

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been mega busy. I'm graduating in less than three weeks (yay!), but I still have two massive journalism projects to finish before then, and I will also be increasing my hours at EW. So, things are going to be pretty hectic to say the least.

As for music, a third of 2008 is over, and I've yet to mention any of the albums that I've been digging. Thus, in an attempt to correct this oversight, here are my six favorite albums of the year so far:

Artist: Bell X1
Album: Flock
Video: "My First Bourn for a Song"

Artist: Elbow
Album: The Seldom Seen Kid
Video: "Starlings"

Artist: Guillemots
Album: Red
Video: "Kriss Kross"

Artist: The Helio Sequence
Album: Keep Your Eyes Ahead
Video: "Keep Your Eyes Ahead"

Artist: The Ruby Suns
Album: Sea Lion
Video: "Tane Mahuta"

Artist: Vampire Weekend
Album: Vampire Weekend
Video: "Mansard Roof"


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