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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar thoughts...

I went 15/21... pretty solid considering some of the surprises.

Very quickly:

-- Happy for Daniel Day-Lewis.
-- Fine with "No Country for Old Men" being the big winner... would have rather had "There Will Be Blood" win, but "No Country" would haven been my second choice, and it's a very dark and unusual pick for the Academy, so that's cool.
-- MOST UPSET about Marion Cotillard winning Actress over Julie Christie. I have nothing against Cotillard, but I felt "La Vie en Rose" was a wildly uneven biopic, and that Cotillard failed to make me care for singer Edith Piaf. Cotillard's babe factor probably helped her win. At least she seemed genuinely thankful to win.
-- Very pleased with "Transformers" getting nothing. I thought it would win the 3 technical categories it was up for, but I was thrilled to see Michael Bay's annoying movie lose them all (although poor Kevin O'Connell, the film's sound mixer, has now gone 0 for 20).
-- Tilda Swinton winning Supporting Actress... much deserved.
-- BEST MOMENT - Without a doubt, Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova winning Best Song for the lovely "Once." And their performance of the song was pure bliss too.

And that's it for now. I need to type up my notes from the red carpet... maybe post more later?


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