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Saturday, April 07, 2007

God of War > 300

I meant to talk about this earlier, but I still haven't seen anyone mention how "300" is a weak imitation of the PS2 game, "God of War."

Spartan King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) is pretty much a replica of Kratos, albeit with less depth and personality.

"300" progresses like a video game. Each wave of enemies represents a more difficult level: Level 1 - Persian warriors, Level 3 - The Immortals, Level 4 - Rhinoceros, Level 6 - Bald, ugly giant, Level 10 - Persian King Xerxes.

The battle scenes use the same style as "God of War," in that everything occurs at normal speed until a Spartan goes in for a kill. At that point, the film enters "stop-motion fetish" mode, so that we, the viewers, can appreciate the CGI blood that splatters out of the enemy.

And the fact that "300" was filmed on blue-screen stages so that everything else could be filled in with digital animation just adds to the feeling that we're watching a claustrophobic video game simulation. Although "300" supposedly contains a vast landscape, I felt like every scene pretty much occurred in the same, restrictive space.

Perhaps one can say "God of War" ripped off Frank Miller's "300" graphic novel, but it doesn't matter. "300" is "God of War" with less character development, a weaker story, and the sad reality that it's a video game that we can't even control.

Not to mention that Kratos could kick Leonidas' ass.


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