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Sunday, January 28, 2007

"Little Miss Sunshine" for the Win?

"Little Miss Sunshine" just won Best Ensemble at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, which is taking place just down the street. "Crash" won the same award last year, and we all know what happened after that.

So will "Little Miss Sunshine" win the Best Picture Oscar? A lot of prognosticators are claiming so. It's a film that's loved by nearly everyone, and the Academy often votes with their hearts instead of their minds.

But "Sunshine" is missing Director and Editing nominations - two categories that are normally required to pull of the Best Pic win. Both "Babel" and "The Departed" have those noms, so I really think it's a three-way race at this point. "The Queen," marvelous film that it is, seems too slight to win the big prize, and "Letters from Iwo Jima" is just lucky to be nominated.

So "Little Miss Sunshine" vs. "Babel" vs. "The Departed." I honestly have no clue (and anyone who says they are confident about what will win is lying), but point a gun to my head and I'd go with "The Departed" for now.

But as they say in Hollywood, nobody knows anything.


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