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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Golden Globes Reaction

While the absence of "United 93" is troubling, "Babel" leading the pack with 7 total nominations is very encouraging. "Babel," which will certainly find a place on my Top 10 list by the year's end, got nominated for:

Best Picture - Drama
Best Director
Best Supporting Actor, Brad Pitt
Best Supporting Actress, Adriana Barraza
Best Supporting Actress, Rinko Kikuchi
Best Screenplay
Best Original Score

This gives the film a big boost, although it'll still be a battle for that 5th Best Picture spot (Babel vs. Little Miss Sunshine vs. United 93).

Also, gotta be happy with "Borat" being nominated for Best Picture (Comedy/Musical) and Best Actor (Comedy/Musical). Sacha Baron Cohen literally has no competition in the Best Actor category, so I look forward to seeing him win (will he accept the award as himself or as Borat? I hope he chooses the former).

Here is Cohen's response to receiving 2 nominations:

“I am extremely honored. I’m very proud as well for my fellow writers as well as our director Larry Charles, and our producer Jay Roach, and am very thankful for the HFPA’s belief and acknowledgment of our film. I have been trying to let Borat know this great news but for the last 4 hours both of Kazakhstan’s telephones have been engaged. Eventually, Premier Nazarbayev answered and said he would pass on the message as soon as Borat returned from Iran, where he is guest of honor at the Holocaust Denial Conference.”


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