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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Federal Marriage Amendment

In an attempt to energize his right-wing base, President Bush is again talking about the need for a Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages. Next week the Senate will vote on the matter.

Of course the Senate won't pass this illogical and intolerant amendment. The Constitution is supposed to be about granting liberties, not taking them away.

But, of greater concern is the solution to the whole gay-marriage issue. I feel the solution is so simple and obvious, and yet nobody ever brings it up. The solution is this: Since our nation believes in the separation of church and state, the state should not be involved in granting marriages, which have a religious connotation. Instead, the state should grant civil unions to all couples, both straight and gay. Then, if the couple wants to also have a marriage ceremony, it is up to them to obtain one through a church that approves of the union.

Someone tell me why this solution would offend anyone. Gay couples deserve the right to receive all the tax and legal benefits that are offered to straight couples. And churches will not be forced to grant gay marriages if they are offended by them. But at least everyone would be viewed equal in the law's eyes. Bush's amendment would demote gays and lesbians as inferior citizens, and that would be appalling and immensely cruel.


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