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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Shriek! The 4 AM Scare!

So, at 4 AM I am awoken by some weird crawling and hissing noise. I look over at my desk chair, and I see it rocking. Then I see some largish creature jump from my chair to the wall.

I thought it was perhaps a mouse, so I turned on the light, and Doug and I embarked on a 20-minute quest to destroy whatever it was.

Turns out it was two cockroaches mating on my chair. Apparently cockroaches mate by turning rear to rear and attaching to each other, thus creating a 6-inch double-headed cockroach. Of course, we didn't know this cockroach mating fact at the time, so we thought we were dealing with some monstrous mutant cockroach. When Doug hit the thing with a shoe, it split perfectly in half, thus separating male from female.

Since this will probably be my last memory of being roommates with Doug, I thought it was significant enough to share. And it was a bizarre way to waste time at 4 AM.

Here's photographic evidence of them separated:


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