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Saturday, August 27, 2005


Okay, I'm going to be talking about music a lot. If you ever want to hear a song or album that I mention, just let me know on AIM. Oh, and I just found out that I can host mp3's, so I may just provide a direct link to certain songs.

Current Obsession: The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema

Awesomely fun album, and "The Bleeding Heart Show" may be the song of the year. I've always liked New Pornographers... Mass Romantic was good, and Electric Version was even better. Their only problem was that each song would be so energetic that listening to the entire album could be exhausting. But Twin Cinema avoids this flaw and has to be their best work yet. Each listen through the album makes you appreciate it all the more. It's not a masterpiece... they are still lacking some depth to their lyrics. But still, this thing is a blast to listen to.

Best Songs - "The Bleeding Heart Show," "Falling Through Your Clothes," and "Stacked Crooked"


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